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177 Queens Ave

London, Ontario N6A 1J1


the London

The London Club has been a sought-after membership for well over a century. Members join to talk business, connect, and entertain.


We are known for personalized service, culinary excellence, and a remarkable experience unlike any other in the city. Additionally, we house an extensive award-winning wine cellar with the largest selection of labels in the Forest City and we are London’s first choice for receptions, banquets, business meetings, weddings and more. Centrally located in the Downtown core, we host social events to enhance both your personal and professional life. Not to mention, when you are connected to our Club, you are also connected to over 200 reciprocal clubs all over the world.


Come experience why business professionals have chosen to dine and connect at the London Club since 1880. Memberships are limited, contact the Club for a visit or a tour.

Tours are still available for those interested in membership.

Please inquire for further details.

  • Young Professional
  • $ 80
  • Age 19 – 30

    $1,000 Initiation

    $25.00 Monthly Capital Fee

  • Resident Member
  • $ 180
  • Age 31+

    $3,500 Initiation

    $25.00 Monthly Capital Fee

  • Corporate
  • $ 360
    monthly for 3 members

    $7000 Initiation ~ $2000 Additional Members

    $75.00 Monthly Capital Fee