Thursday March 15th 2018 Day 2
One might say that an 8:30 am tasting is too early. However, this is the best time to taste and spit, wine. Your palate is fresh and not much has affected it, with the exception of the wonderful French coffee and a fresh baked crossiant.
We arrived at Domaine Denis Carré in Meloisey and was greeted by Gaetane; the second generation of this Domaine, who with her parents, built the winery from scratch. Her passion and love of the vines was contagious and showed in the final product of these exceptional wines. Blessed to sample, were the wines that Mellecey Wine Group brings into Ontario:
Bourgogne Blanc 2016(chardonnay grapes coming from Meursault)
Auxey Duresses “Les Vireux” Blanc 2016
Haute Cote du Beaune “La Perriere” Rouge 2015 (yes, we had this at the club)
Saint Roman “Le Jarron” Rouge 2015
This hour went so fast; and off we were, to our second tasting. All before lunch!
The group arrived at the top of Nuits St George at 10:00am after a 30min drive through a narrow and a windy road. It was definitely worth the uphill rollercoaster when we were pleasantly greeted from Axelle Machard de Gramont. This is a famous name in Nuits St George of centuries past. Her father Bertrand finally went on his own in 1962, planting vines on a very steep hill unaffected by the disasterous, phylloxera in 1863. A rarity to find virgin soil! He was also able to purchase vineyards in the world famous Vosne Romanee. They follow the moon and practice biodynamic viticulture; which definitely made a difference in this very small production of rich, concentrated wines. Luckily for the London Club members, they were able to secure a few cases for themselves, as The Mellecey Wine Group sold out of their allocation in 3 days this past February.
And if our palate wasn’t awake, it certainly was now!!!
Poured for us:
Bourgogne Aligote “ Le Chene du Court” 2017
Nuits St Georges “Les Terrasses des Vallerots” 2015
Nuits St Georges “Aux Allots” 2015
Nuits St Georges “Aux Allots” 2016 (from the barrel)
Vosne Romanée 2016 (from the barrel) WOW!
Now for lunch! With Domaine Drouhin-Laroze, a very prestigious winery, with the fortune of owning 6 Grand Cru vineyards, in the Cote de Nuits. (Musigny Grand Cru, Chambertin Clos de Beze, Clos de Vougeot, Bonne Mares, Latricieres-Chambertin, Charmes Chambertin)
Five generations have been running the Domaine for 163 years, with children Caroline and Nicolas stepping in. The family exports 95% of their wines, and welcome clients from all over the world.
Madame Christine Drouhin, a very elegant and graceful woman received us to her glassed in terrace with a glass of Bourgogne Chardonnay, the only white wine made from Gevrey Chambertin.
What a treat it is, when the lady of the house, personally makes lunch for the guests of The Mellecey Wine Group.
We started with the baseball sized gougeres. And stopping at one was just not possible! (For those of you that wanted the recipe, Cyndi has included it at the end of this day’s blog).
Followed by Jambon Persillé with a fresh salad, homemade beef cheek bourguignon with potato gratin and to put us all over the edge, we finished with chocolate mouse avec nougat.
Our hats off to these wonderful hosts that treated us like family; allowed us to purchase a few bottles of wine that we could bring back to our own cellars. How often do you get the opportunity to have a bottle of Clos de Vougeot signed by the producer to reflect on this great experience?
With hugs and an invitation to come back, we were on our way back to our B&B to get ready for our Truffle Dinner
Thank goodness that we had a 45 min lesson about truffles to let our stomachs digest lunch
In an underground cellar in Pommard, we met with Claire Martin, her husband Hubert, and her 2 sweet truffle hunters (dogs) What a great educational evening, Claire was so informative on how to pick the right truffle oil, the difference between seven species of truffles and how to use them in almost anything!
Our lesson and meal consisted of:
Comparison of 7 different truffle species in a butter format: summer truffle, burgundy truffle, meuse truffle, brumale truffle, black truffle, borchiii truffle, alba truffle.
Starter: Burgundy Truffle infused in its “Poulard of Bresse” light clear broth, egg yolk, brunoise of fresh vegetables.
Main Dish: Fresh home-made Tagliatelles- Alaine Ducasse recipe. Topped with a selection of Helix from Uzége in a subtle combination with a Summer Truffle coulis
Somehow, we still had room for this after our filling lunch! This was delicious!
Cheese: Mille-feuilles of Comté & Black Truffle, Borchii Truffle
Dessert: Home made Black Truffle ice cream with its Fighting Spirit white rum
Rum makes anything better!
Coffee and Mignardise: soft salted butter caramel lovingly prepared with Borchii Truffle. A UNIQUE Claire de Truffles recipe!
This second day was definitely a busy one and a GREAT one! Off to bed, as we have to build wine barrels tomorrow morning at 9:00 am
Gougeres by Christine Drouhin
Ingredients :
1/4 of a liter : water 50 gr butter
125 gr of flour
4 eggs
Salt, pepper Conté or gruyère
In a stew-pan, melt the butter in the water with salt and pepper.
Boil and stop, add the flour and blend until there is a « ball ».
Add 1 by 1 the eggs.
On a plate oiled, make little puffs and one them, add a few little pieces of the cheese.
Switch on the oven at 175°.
Place in the oven the gougères during 30-35mn. Please do not open the oven during all this time.